refinancing & debt consolidation

Looking for a lower interest rate? Struggling to keep on top of multiple debts?
Needing extra funds?


With so many low rates being advertised, it is easy to think that refinancing might be a good option. We will assess your situation and look to see if you can save money with one of our over 30 lenders. Sometimes, it can be better to stay where you are. We will check with your lender to see if they can compete with the lower rates that are being advertised. This can often be a less costly way to get a better rate on your loan, rather than moving to another lender.

Debt Consolidation

If you have equity available in your home, we can help you access this to pay off some of your more costly debts. Credit cards, personal loans or store cards often charge a higher rate. We will look at your overall situation to see if we can help ease the burden of multiple loans or credit card repayments every month.

Accessing Funds from your home

Do you need some funds to make some improvements to your home or have another expense you would like help to pay for?  You may have equity in your home which you can access for a much lower rate than a personal loan. We can help assess to see if this is an option for you.

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