Personal & Car Loans

Needing a holiday?
Getting married?
Doing some home improvements?
Wanting to buy a car, caravan, boat or motorhome?

At Directional Finance we have a range of lenders who specialise in Personal Loans.


Secured or Un-secured, we can offer both.

Generally, secured loans have a lower interest rate, however, this will depend on the asset being used as security.

Personal Loans for things like holidays and weddings, are unsecured and will attract a higher interest rate.


Interest Rate

Personal & vehicle loan rates are calculated using your overall situation, including your credit score. We can quickly assess this with a small amount of information from you.

Be careful not to approach too many organisations, as this can affect your credit rating and increase the interest rate. By coming to us we can assure you that your credit rating will not be affected unless you apply for a loan.

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