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Looking to purchase an investment?
Can I use my home as a deposit?
Is it easy to get a loan to buy an investment?

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to purchasing an investment property. Having investment property portfolio’s ourselves, we understand the benefits and pitfalls that can come with choosing to invest your money in property.

The banking world has changed a great deal, in the last few years, when it comes to buying an investment property. It is important to understand all the rules that are now in place before going ahead with a purchase.

It is also particularly important that your investment lending is correctly structured. It can be difficult to change this down the track. If you go directly to a lender, they will often use your home for security for the purchase. We will make sure your lending is structured the best way for you now and moving forward.

Just looking for advice?

We are happy to sit with you face to face and discuss the process and possibilities for an investment property purchase or look at your portfolio to check it is set up for the future.

Already have investment properties?

We can assess your portfolio to make sure you are set up the best way moving forward. We will look at the structure and products of your existing loans and advise if any changes would be of benefit.

Looking to buy?

We will complete and assessment for you to see what your potential to borrow might be. We will help you structure your loan so it works for you now and in the future.

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