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Directional Finance is Deb and Caroline - real people with real-world experience. In days gone by, your local bank manager was your friend. They knew you, knew your situation and knew what you wanted to achieve. Deb and Caroline fill the gap left by the bank manager of old. Their passion is helping people succeed just like they have and enriching you with the benefit of their experience.

Meet The Team

Mortgage Broker & Credit Advisor

Mortgage Broker & Credit Advisor

Deb Ebert
Mortgage Broker & Credit Adviser

I come from a family of investors of both residential and commercial properties. For many years, I have been managing family businesses, which have holdings of properties throughout Australia. I have always had a keen interest in investing in real estate and this passion grew into developing my career as a credit adviser. 

I have a desire to educate people in how they can make good decisions to set themselves up for a success. I see a need for young people to be given the knowledge to make wise decisions to ensure they can reach their future goals. 

Deborah Ebert is a credit representative (426538) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237)

Caroline Tuhoro
Mortgage Broker & Credit Adviser

My career path started as an Audit manager with Chartered Accountants in England. Since moving to Australia, I have worked in administrative roles and assisted/managed various small businesses with start up and systems management.

 I have been working in the mortgage broking industry since 2010 following a number of years assisting a professional investor. I have a passion for helping people to get the most from their money and achieve their dreams. I am the mother of 5 young adult children and believe my experience, knowledge and problem solving skills are an asset in an ever changing financial environment.

Caroline Tuhoro is a credit representative (480789) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237)

We know business

Deb and Caroline come from small business backgrounds – they have run their own small businesses, managed others. They understand small business and the challenges that come come with running your own business. Investing in the property market has become more complicated and confusing. Their knowledge and understanding of the market is a valuable tool to and finance solutions that work.

They both have been through many trials that are common in the modern world and have dealt with the financial issues that come with those experiences. These experiences have given them an empathy and compassion to and workable solutions. Through their proactive and holistic approach, Directional Finance are able to give you access to options that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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